Application examples

Servo technology

One area that calls for extremely high speeds in particular is that of servo motors. 100,000 of our ASK 018BB models are already in use on servo motors. With speeds of 70,000 rpm they are most certainly up to the challenges involved.

Food industry

Making couplings from a single part means that they also have to be made from a single material. Stainless steel is the ideal material for meeting hygiene and thermal stability requirements. VMA couplings are providing solutions for numerous applications within this area.

Medical technology

When it comes to the requirements of the medical technology sector, precision is a top priority. VMA couplings are used within this area for the purpose of adjusting CT scanner beds, for example.

Aerospace technology

In an aerospace context, the weight often plays a decisive role when selecting parts. Weight savings even have to be achieved in terms of the couplings. VMA fares very well in this regard because it manufactures couplings made from titanium.

Automotive industry

The test benches used in the automotive industry call for robust frictional connections. Made from steel and connected using a VMA quick clamping unit, the ASK 100 DD is the ideal solution for extreme power transmission. Indeed, this industry would now be impossible to imagine without it.