Rigid Shaft Couplings STK

Schalenkupplung (starre Kupplung) STK


One or two-part rigid shaft coupling

This type of shaft coupling is suitable for transmitting particularly high torques under adverse conditions.

Not only does the one-part design STK-GS of this torsionally rigid shaft coupling ensure absolute stability at the highest speeds and a low mass moment of inertia, but it also enables maximum torsional stiffness to be achieved in the face of dynamic load changes. In contrast to the ASK sliced coupling, this coupling does not equalize offsets. In addition, there is also the two-part STK-GT, which is easier to assemble and can even be installed if the ends of the shaft can no longer be moved axially.

As with all VMA couplings, this sleeve coupling can also be adapted to meet any customer requirements. 

Features of the rigid shaft coupling

Stable and non-wearing – even at high torques

  • High torques
  • Isogonal power transmission
  • Direct transmission
  • Extremely torsionally stíff
  • Variable materials
  • high level of thermal stability
  • Maintenance-free and non-wearing
  • Low mass inertia

How it works

The STK rigid shaft coupling is the optimum solution when it comes to transmitting high torques safely. The coupling can be produced from an extremely wide range of materials so that it can also be used under adverse conditions. The STK sleeve coupling is a highly robust coupling that combines a long service life with low mass moments of inertia and a simple assembly process. The coupling is available for order both as a sliced, one-part and a split, two-part shaft coupling. The advantage of the split variant is that it can be assembled when the two ends of the shaft are already in their final position, meaning that it cannot be slid onto one end of the shaft. The 8-screw connection on this torsionally stiff coupling enables isogonal torque transmission of over 2,200 Nm. A feather key groove is not essential, but is recommended for certain applications. Please contact us.

Application areas

  • Conveyor systems
  • Special purpose machinery
  • Measuring system
  • Machine tools
  • Robotized lines
  • Sewage treatment technology


  • Sluice technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Packaging industry
  • Textile engineering
  • Conveyor technology
  • Robot technology
  • Food technology
  • Laboratory technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Vehicle manufacturing and railway technology

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