DMB Torque limiter

Product versions

As part of our product range, we offer the DMB in 2 different sizes. Adjustment range: 5 - 90 Nm. The DMB is supplied with the connections described in the data sheet; in addition, we can adapt the torque limiter to cater for an extremely wide range of connections and applications. Also available as a complete solution with handle, adapter, or universal joint. Miniature versions for a low torque of 1.5 - 2 Nm can also be provided.

Material: Steel or stainless steel



Compact design, maintenance-free and non-wearing

Order example: DMB 1 3/8“ eingestellt auf 5 Nm

Delivery information

  • The torque limiters are set to the desired disengagement torque at the factory. Adapters and handles can also be supplied on request. Complete solutions tailored to your application can be provided.

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