SIK Torque limiter couplings

SIK Torque limiter couplings


The SIK torque limiter coupling from VMA is a coupling that provides protection against mechanical overload. In the event of a collision, the straightforward design directly reduces the torque in a few fractions of a second. No tools or intervention are required in order for power transmission to be restored; all it takes is a 360° rotation in the reverse direction. As a result, this coupling remains unbeaten with regard to continuous operation and is completely maintenance -free. The frictional connection results in a high level of torque and enables fast assembly.


  • Non-wearing torque limiter coupling
  • Backlash-free design
  • Torsionally stiff power transmission
  • Easy to use
  • Quick assembly

Application areas

  • All types of machine tool
  • Sensitive drive trains
  • Rollers
  • Gate and door systems
  • Production lines
  • Transport lines


  • Special purpose machinery manufacture
  • Plant engineering
  • Bottling plant industry
  • Production line engineering
  • Printing industry
  • Molding industry
  • Materials handling industry

Delivery information

The torque limiter coupling is set to a disengagement torque of between 5 and 600 Nm at the factory. It can also be ordered with a pre-mounted metal bellow on request.

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